Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hurray for permits!

We're officially allowed to tear down the walls! So this weekend we and our gang of fearless, faithful friends will be getting out our aggressions, evoking the playa, and hopefully discoving long-lost treasure in the walls!

I am, in fact, an eternal optimist.. I understand that what we'll really be doing is back-breaking, dusty labor and what we're most likely to find in the walls is grandkid-poisoned dead rat carcasses.. but hey, I'll take what I can get :)

The smaller dumpster will be arriving Friday - worth noting is that having dumpsters delivered on a Friday gives us 2 full weekends for the price of one week's rental, although they'll pick it up early if it's full.

Once we have the plaster off the walls we can see a) why there is apparently no electricity on the 3rd floor, b) what are load-bearing walls and where we can eek out extra space, and c) and this is my favorite, that there are NO RATS hiding in there


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. Our house wasn't as bad, but it was close. Don't be afraid to take a day off now and then to stay sane! And always remember to laugh. As long as you can laugh, you aren't going to cry!

Anonymous said...

What a project. I bought something like this once, it does sort out your friends.
Never knew it was possible to spend money so fast, but it was worth it eventually.
You've done an amazing amount in just a few weeks. Good luck, Joe H from BT

Anonymous said...

Be sure to take GOBS of pictures! They will motivate you further down the road when you see how far along you've come. And 5 years from now you will simply be AMAZED and the miracle you've pulled off.

Rik said...

Wow... you two are amazing. It tires me out just reading about all that you are doing.

Wish Heather and I could come to help, but we're booked up for the weekend.

irene said...

Thanks for all the encouragement everyone!
I know you're right, Joe.. one of the big reasons for this blog is to force me to take pictures and document all the work.

Our current house had a big empty room for a kitchen when we moved in, and I didn't take any pix of the bookcases with our camp stove and microwave because I just wanted to get past it - now, of course, I'm bummed we don't have that to compare to our finished kitchen.
So, this time around, it's all going right here!