Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ode to the double-hungs

Today wasn't a very exciting day.. more cleaning, more measuring. We have to submit plans for the middle floor, which we're not touching, in order to get the permits to tear down the failing plaster on the top and bottom floors.

This is Dan sketching out the plans while I call out the measurements. -->

And we're both still tired and sore from yesterday. The problem with having pretty much only weekends at the house, is that it doesn't leave any recovery time between workdays.

Thank goodness we found the COPE in the medicine cabinet. It's New! and will make it all better!

I did discover the beauty of double-hung windows today. Most of my day was spent cleaning windows, and sliding the top window down allowed me to vacuum all the crud out from between the two windows. It was very satisfying to get to a point that we can open and close them without gloves, and that we'd let the cats jump up on the windowsill (It's a LONG way until the house is clean and safe enough for our 2 cats.. that's the benchmark for most things). Plus, it's exciting that all the windows in the house seem to be operational.

Click the icon to see a pic of the big daddy rat we found today


Kitt said...

Old-time windows that actually go up and down? And aren't painted shut? That is indeed a huge huge huge bonus.

(Says the voice of putty-knife-and-hammer-equipped experience.)

irene said...

It's definitely one of the perks of the no-maintenance-whatsoever on the house. There just aren't that many coats of paint anywhere.

Of course, the super-thick white gloss oil (and no doubt lead) paint all over all the molding will still take years to remove, but I'll take all the perks I can get! :)

Anonymous said...

i've been following this over on breaktime and had to take a look. first my qualifacations,i buy old nasty dirty house's,clean them up and rent them.i'll tackle anything. you guys got me beat 10 fold,i always no where to start ,but not on this one. i think as soon as the junks out i'd go get a bunch of fast food throw it in the middle of the floor,get me a chair and a 410 shotgun and me and the rats would play games.i couldn't deal with that problem long!!!! good luck i've saved you in my favorites to follow along. larry

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel and Irene...WOW!!! What a project! You guys are very, very brave! But, seeing what you did with your last victorian, I'm sure this one will turn out even better. Please keep the blog going. I'll check back often to check the progress.

Dale (from JB's pond forum)