Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday Demo Day

Did I mention the part about how we have the world's most awesomest friends?? Today was like a hard work day on the playa, but at the end of it all we had nice, hot, long showers.

(Sidebar for those who don't know what the playa is, or what we do out there.. on our summer vacation we head out to the middle of nowhere, with 40ish thousand other people and build a city. well, we build the arena the city goes to get all its aggression out. . pictures explain it better)

Bright and early on a Saturday morning we started tearing down the walls. AJ came on his way home from work and was the first one there. He and Dan started downstairs while I pried the molding off on the top floor and made a map of where it all came from on a copy of the floorplan. Since we had to take it off anyway, we'll probably take it to have it dunked. At worst it'll be easier to strip on sawhorses than on the wall. Then the upstairs wrecking crew came in.. don't let his size fool you, James is a pro! -->

Downstairs got entirely cleaned out, and we have a ton of space!

After all those walls came down, we were able to see how well our weeds were doing at taking over the house. Take a look->

We didn't get through everything upstairs, but it wasn't for lack of effort. The plaster we took off the walls was HEAVY. We could only fill the trashcans about a foot high before they were too heavy for 2 people to carry down the stairs.

We thought we'd only need a 20 yard dumpster this time, but it was full by midday (that seems to be a recurring theme) Donovan jumped up and down (without spilling his beer!) and got us a little more room, but I'll be taking another trip to the dump tomorrow with all the drywall upstairs, and all the lathe that's underneath it.

We started tearing into the kitchen and bathroom upstairs. This is Janel getting out some deep-seated hatred against the pink. -->

<-- And look!! Under the weird blue laminated drywall we have a clawfoot tub! yay!!

Brian put in another day of sitting around eating bonbons.

And Ayse and Noel, from Casa Decrepit, down the street, stopped by to say hi. All in all it was a full day, and we'll do it all again tomorrow.


Kitt said...

Gooooooood friends! Talk about sweat equity.

I just looked at a Victorian for sale that showed evidence of being fairly recently in the condition of yours, and still in need of much work, and it just made me feel tired.

irene said...

No kidding Kitt!
Also, I wanted to say thanks for the tip on the floorplan. :)

Elaine said...

I'm an old friend of Ayse and Noel and have enjoyed watching (and helping) them tear up their house. Ayse mentioned you in her blog today, so I thought I would drop in to see yours. Even though I don't live in their neighborhood, welcome to the neighborhood!

Chris said...

Hey Dan,
If I read the post correctly the plan is to strip the baseboards and reapply them in the same places they came from. One thing to think about (because I didn't), is that the old baseboards went on top of the lath and plaster which is thicker than drywall and therefore the room dimensions are now effectively larger making each length of baseboard about 1/2 an inch too short. I wish I'd thought of that before I drywalled so that I could have simply furred out the wall to compensate so my baseboards would have fit, but didn't think of it and now patching baseboards (which are stained chestnut) is much harder than to have simply made the room smaller with rough strapping before I drywalled. :-(

Valencia said...

I just don't understand why people would hide a clawfoot tub. YOu have a great crew of friends!

irene said...

wow Chris, that is an outstanding point!

After stripping the paint off molding at our last house it took me awhile to figure out that a little extra sanding was much more effective than any touch-up (unless you're our crazy-talented friend Tanya:

I'm sorry you had to learn that the hard way, but I sure appreciate you passing on the knowledge!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can truly feel for you. My wife & I are doing a similar project on a foursquare we found up in Beavercreek, OR. You can sympathize with us at if you like. Let me just say you are not alone in this world, keep up the great work!