Saturday, March 24, 2007

We don't need no stinkin' dumpster

Our wonderful giant truck was able to fit all the trash and junk that was still out to the house, so next week we can save some $$ and get a smaller dumpster for the demolition. What I want to know is, how come no matter how cold it is outside, it's always hot and sweaty at the dump? On the plus side, our house smells WAY better than the dump.

While we were loading the debris into the truck, we found a family of salamanders living under a sheet of plywood.

During the afternoon, Robert and Jane and Aidan stopped by to loan us a power washer! It works great (even though it only runs for about 20 minutes before it runs out of gas). Can you tell from this picture what parts Dan has gotten to??

I discovered we have acres of sidewalk surrounding the house. Once all the trash was gone I wanted to clean up all the little bits that were scattered everywhere from all the scavengers digging through the bags and dumpster. In the process of doing that, I wound up pulling up tons of weeds (and glass, and rusty nails, and an impressive number of peanuts).

Everyone has been so friendly that we were wondering if someone would actually stop by with a "welcome to the neighborhood" plate of brownies.. well, today we got plates of food, slices of homebaked cake, AND a pitcher of margaritas!! We LOVE this town!!!


Delicata Squash said...

Looking at the pictures, all I can say is, "You poor kids, all of you!" geeze louise. I can only imagine what the place looked like before the old guy had problems. And I want to smack "the grandkids" into the middle of next week. I agree. Where were they when he needed help? I guess that i feel so strongly because my father and mother need help and i am moving to texas to do just that. Anyhow, i got here thru The Devil Queen, and I hope that you guys have fun (heh) getting this old girl back into her fancy clothes...

Delicata Squash said...

Pardon, guys it was the Casa Decrepit bunch..not enough coffee this morning..

irene said...

I completely agree.. Someone asked me yesterday how long the place had been vacant and the saddest, most horrifying thing is that it's only been a few months.

I hope Texas is good to you and that you enjoy your time with your folks. They're lucky to have you.