Saturday, March 10, 2007

The welcome wagon

We're making a great first impression..

As we pulled up today we saw a giant moving van outside and all the antiques in the house getting loaded out. So we called the cops.

The grandson is a good lier, talking about wanting to honor the memory of his grandfather by saving his things. Even the cop said "yeah, where were they back when he had a heart attack?" But the cops said it was a civic matter, and they couldn't do anything (even though they'd broken into the house!)

We came to the understanding that they could take what they wanted, but they have to call us when they want to go inside. Which was the original understanding, so I'm not very optimistic. We were really looking forward to getting started today, too..
But the neighbors are all friendly, and we talked with many of them after the police left. It will be a great place to live, once we get it fixed up enough to move in.

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