Sunday, April 29, 2007

and still more cleaning..

But today, we had both the inside AND the outside getting clean.

Seriously, every inch of the house needs to be scrubbed. It was so warm today, we cut loose the giant extension ladder that was bolted to the house and Dan got to work with our friend's power washer.

I know I've posted pictures from the last time we used it, but it's amazing! I couldn't take pix of Dan cleaning the very top because it was really scary with him all the way up there.. but it's so impressive I had to document it.

The fish scale shingles didn't clean up quite as well as the fascia board.. and some of the paint flecked off, especially on the curved moulding.. but the combination of the magic pressure washer and an obviously really good paint job 30 years ago is really impressive. Our neighbor told us it looked like we'd slapped on a coat of paint!

The inside is getting sparkly clean too, but it's a slightly less dramatic clean than the outside, if only because you can't see the filth quite as close to the sparkling white.

This is the room that will be our bedroom soon, and will be the guest room as soon as our fabulous master suite is done.

The closet seems to be the only part of the house that doesn't have glossy paint, so a lot of it washed right off. It's obviously not original to the house, but it's a relatively giant (double-decker!) closet.. which is good because it's now the only one in the house. If we want any more closets, we have to build them.

This is the room that was originally, and will be our, kitchen. A previous owner had moved the kitchen into the dining room, which was going to perfect because we could use that until we finished the new one. But, as you can see here, there's not enough bleach on the planet to have gotten that room clean enough to prepare food in.

I'm also going to have to make screens for every window in the house. There don't seem to be any more flies breeding in the house, but every time we open a window it only takes a few minutes before they come flying in. They're going to kick me out of the vegetarians' club for that flypaper.. but I'm willing to risk it for a house free of swarming insects.. and rodents, for that matter.

The cleaning is pretty slow going.. we still have the whole entryway, stairs and hallway, and all the floors. But we can finally open and close all the windows in the house without gloves on, and that's downright luxurious!


Amy from old house lovers said...

Wow. The pressure cleaning on the outside is very dramatic. Your neighbors must be very happy.

Kitt said...

It looks like a different house! You must be exhausted.