Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another Saturday, another trip to the Dump

That's right, the happiest place on earth! And they recognize me there and ask me how the house is coming along.. somehow that seems really sad..

We were hoping to get the last bits out from the top floor and bottom floor, but the disintegrating linoleum in our bedroom had other things on its mind. It usually come up in giant sections, but this stuff was melted to the wood. We got all the big chunks we could up and then Dan moved on to taking out the wall between the kitchen and bathroom while I spent some quality time with a putty knife.

<-- This is the wall coming down. It was two pieces of tongue-and-groove redwood sandwiched together, so once the first piece came out, the rest of it was much easier.

It's looking more like a master bathroom every minute, isn't it!!

We also started taking down the tongue-and-groove boards on the walls and ceiling (every surface is covered). We want to strip them and finish them, and then put them back up in our master bathroom!
Sadly, once we opened up more walls, we found more rat nests.. and the ones today were full of pine needles! That's especially weird, because there aren't any pine trees anywhere around. Between that and the insulation and the random sock here and there, there was plenty of rat housing behind the walls to deal with. So we'll be back tomorrow for more fun.


Ayse said...

Glad to see the paneling came down nicely. We have it in a few rooms and eventually I'd like to take it down, strip it, and put it back, but that might be asking too much.

The pine trees are across the street, in the park. Quite industrious little ratties, you must admit, because I would not have walked that far to build a nest.

irene said...

Of course! I didn't even think about the trees at the park.. glad to know that even the rats had to put in some labor for their cush pad ;)

Anonymous said...

And here I was thinking Christmas trees scavenging.