Thursday, April 5, 2007

Chez Neumansky, part poop

People have been asking me if we found anything behind the walls.. we have found such a wide variety of poop behind, on, above and under the walls that we wanted to present a little pictorial.
Be warned that the only pictures today are of our premiere selection of poop

Our on-the-wall poop seems to belong to rats and flies, with some possible leftovers from the mice that lived here before the rats took over.

<-- There aren't many horizontal surfaces left in the house, but they were all pretty much covered with rat-nest and droppings

There was also a very large pile of rat poop just above the ceiling in one of the rooms downstairs. Our friends were traumatized by the seemingly endless shower of poop released by a good hole in the plaster. /shudder

We had a released-from-the-ceiling shower of poop upstairs, too!

<-- Based on the size of the droppings you might think this shower would have been more traumatic, but it fell more in front of us than on our heads, as was the case with the downstairs shower.

We think there was at least one raccoon living in the house, and that this belonged to them. Upstairs it looks like they were living behind the knee-walls.

<-- We also found possum, and/or possibly cat poop under the front landing and stairs.

We know there was a possum around because we found one dead (probably from eating a grandkid-poisoned rat) on the side of the house. Surprisingly, we didn't find any dead rats behind the walls. In fact, we haven't found any dead rats in over a week!

Virtually every surface, both vertical and horizontal, had a dappled pattern of what we finally realized was fly poop.

<-- fly poop!

This stuff cleans up really well with the homemade cleaner we've been making by the bucket. The ease in cleanup is aided by the fact that most surfaces have a thick coat of glossy white paint.. so that's the one thing that high-gloss white paint is good for.

We've spent most evenings this week overfilling the dumpster, trying to get a head start on the weekend by clearing as much as possible of the debris leftover from last weekend.


Robert said...

I found a dead rat last weekend in the basement. I pulled drywall from the ceiling and it almost fell on me. Im sorry to say I screamed like a little school girl, which is way out of character for me.

irene said...

I can't believe there was screaming like girls going on and no one told me about it! ;)

On the other hand, I was happy in my little dreamworld where there were no more rats in our house.. so, thanks for letting me hold on to the illusion for a few extra days

Kitt said...

... carefully setting aside the package of raisins I was snacking on ...