Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Monthiversary!

I can't believe we've officially owned the house for a month!

On Friday we had a celebratory drink at our new local bar, and discovered we have the best neighborhood bar ever! Forbidden Island is a Tiki bar right around the corner that I highly recommend for anyone in or near Alameda.

In the 3 weekends we've had (the first weekend was entirely lost to the evil grandkids looting the place) we've made pretty good progress. At this rate, by our 2nd Monthiversary we should be waking up in our new home! It'll be be a microwaved or delivered celebratory meal, but that's fine. ;)

Next week we have an engineer coming to look at what we need structurally, and after that we should be able to get the foundation work started. He'll also look at all the nice exposed framing on the top floor and help us decide what we can do up there.

So, things are moving along.. slowly but surely.


PerfessorEvil said...


We were just up in Alameda on the 1st (avoiding helping you, of course), and had dinner with some friends at ... that's some mighty fine German food, but 10 days later, I think I'm still full.

Kitt said...

Oh, Forbidden Island is fun. I was there opening night! It's clearly the result of someone's lifelong dream of owning a tiki bar. The attention to detail is impressive.

irene said...

Sunday the 22nd is their 1 year anniversary and they're having an all-day party - kitt, see you there.. mr. perfessorevil, if you're a block from our house again and don't even stop by to say hi I'd watch out for the voodooo curses at the tiki bar! ;)

Kitt said...

Aw shucks. I won't be out there until mid-May. But I'll certainly go and have some kind of crazy drink then.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel and Irene...WOW!!! What a project! You guys are very, very brave! But, seeing what you did with your last victorian, I'm sure this one will turn out even better. Please keep the blog going. I'll check back often to check the progress.

Dale (from JB's pond forum)

April 13, 2007 6:05 PM