Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's like swimming all day!

..or at least, that's a nicer memory to go with the feeling of taking a deep breath and having your lungs have a little more chlorine in them than they should..
It's been a LOT of scrubbing over at the ol' chez neumansky.. The deadline for us moving in is looming, and every single inch of the main floor and stairway needs to be scrubbed with bleach before that happens.

As it turns out, vinyl windows and high-gloss white latex paint have a lot in common.. I wouldn't choose either, but they really do clean up well! One of 2 non-original windows in the house is a vinyl slider in the sunroom (which would've originally been a porch, so there wouldn't've been a window there 'till it was closed in) and it looks like new!

We're headed back over now for an exciting day of - you guessed it - scrubbing! I'll take some progress pix today, but I wanted to post a little something since I've been pretty remiss with the posting since our computer gave up the ghost.

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