Monday, April 23, 2007

late posts, bona fide anniversaries, and sap..

sorry nothing got posted this weekend..

Saturday we cleaned and got the last bits of debris out from the first floor, plus Dan sprayed another coat of magic bleach/vinegar solution on the few spots that still smelled. I spent the whole day scrubbing the room that is soon to be our bedroom.. I got everywhere but the closet, which I'm afraid of.. but after vacuuming up more rat poop and spider egg sacs than I care to think about, I realized that was going to a project unto itself.
Plus, we had to knock of work early to go down the street to CasaDecrepit for a grand tour, plenty of inspiration, good food, and sake flown in fresh from Japan!

We came home from a lovely evening to a dead hard drive.. Sunday we got the computer to start up, but we need to take the dead drive to a doctor to try to recover all our files.. like all the houseplans.
And then I'll start practising what I constantly preach about backing up files!

The rest of Sunday was spent getting our old place ready to sell. A friend of ours is going to buy it - which is fantastic for so many reasons: We can come to parties in our dreamy backyard AND go home to sleep while someone else cleans up! We can come visit (and probably take care of for awhile) all the fish. We can sell it to him for much less than it's worth and still walk away with more than we would've if we had to pay commission to 2 realtors. And we don't have go through the whole staging/open house/is-it-going-to-sell-today? hassle.
All around, very exciting.

And finally, anyone reading for more than a week knows that we like to celebrate anniversaries to an admittedly corny extent.. well, today is officially the first one that is universally accepted as legitimate: Dan and I were married a year ago today, exactly 7 years after our first date.

I can't imagine life without him, I'm amazed at the things we've accomplished together, and I'm looking forward to all that's still to come.

We're planning on moving into our new house at the end of May, so for the next 100 years or so, that's where we'll be.


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StephenB said...

Congratulation, Irene and Dan! Thanks for sharing your old house adventures on this blog. I always enjoyed Dan's accounts on the oldhouse mailing list. And thanks for enabling the full RSS feed. I do see pictures in the feed, by the way. :-) Once again, congratulations!