Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring cleaning

Taking things apart to reuse sure does take a lot longer than plowing a sledgehammer through the wall.. especially with the great craftsmanship that seems to have gone into everything here. Getting the tongue and groove out of the kitchen/bathroom has been like a scavenger hunt for which piece (wall, ceiling, bisecting wall) is on top, and for where the nails are. There is one beefy nail in the middle of each piece, at an angle into the board - this way the nail is hidden when the next board is put in place. Which looks great, but it's impossible to get the nail out without damaging the surrounding board.. I've got it down now, so the damage is minimal, and I think we'll just have a nice piece of molding running up the middle of the refinished boards.
The bigger problem is the nails on the end, which are about 50% face nailed and 50% nailed through the tongue. The wood is old and brittle, and they're nailed so close to the end, that I'm not having much luck at all..

I am, however, getting very good at pulling out toilets.. We had someone renovating a 1920's house come and pick up the cool old toilet from the garage. It still had all it's original copper fittings and float, which need a little refreshing, but will be gorgeous when it's all cleaned up.

And we gave the sinks away yesterday, so all the big stinky things are gone! I know I keep saying this, but it really does smell much better.

After we'd cleaned up for the day, Dan came though with the sprayer of magic bleach/vinegar solution and sprayed all the newly opened up walls, and everywhere that still didn't smell so fresh.

Dan's meeting with the engineer and the foundation contractor tomorrow morning, so hopefully we can get that work started soon!

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Kathryn said...

Why are't I surprised you use rat icons for the comments? Despite the fact that your Rat Chronicles raise the hair on my head and make my skin crawl, I'm fascinated. You are amazing people, as are your friends.

It's a pity the house was in such awful shape that it has to be gutted.

You guys are just awesome!