Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back to cleaning.. really, I mean it this time

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. We've been a little busy this month.. both of us traveling for work, putting on a benefit, getting our house ready to sell, x-raying injured backs.. We've got a month to get Chez Neumansky habitable, and get everything we own out of our old place.

So we're buckling down and getting back to work. Last time we tried to scrub the floors with a deck brush and had bucket after bucket of filthy water, we wondered if there was some tool that could result in floors that we might consider touching with bare feet, and hopefully take the back-breaking effort out of the process. Sure enough, a few minutes online and what did we find but a floor-scrubber?! It's right there in the name!

We rented one this morning and scrubbed all the floors on the main level of the house. Ideally, the scrubber would've sprayed cleaning solution and sucked up the dirty water.. but the one we got wasn't that fancy. We poured our bleach/vinegar solution on the floor, scrubbed it, and vacuumed up what was left. Then we took a pass with a mop with clean water. I'm not planning on tiptoeing around barefoot just yet, but it's much better!

I think it might be time to setup an account with the trash folks.. our recycling bin is getting pretty full!

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