Sunday, May 13, 2007

back to work

After a weekend off for a business meeting, and whole day off for a wedding (we slept in.. it was as great as I remembered sleep being!), today it was back to the cleaning.

Dan decided to take care of the stench in the room that had been used as a kitchen -- no amount of bleach/vinegar was going to help as long as the rats nest was still behind the wall.

This is an interior wall, so we're not sure why it was insulated, unless it was just to give the rats a cush life.. this is what all the joist bays have looked like ->
He filled 2 garbage bags full of rats nest.. and a couple rats

He also disturbed a nest of spiders that are much bigger than anything I want living with us.. They all got scooped out with the insulation and debris (I hope! at least that's what he told me..)

We have plans back from the engineer, but there are a few problems with them.. so we're still not ready to start on the foundation.

48 days 'till our first night there!


Kitt said...

Eek! Ick.

Hey, I saw your house Monday. Meant to stop by on the weekend but ran out of time, so we just drove past as we were heading up to Yosemite. It looks great!

Anonymous said...

I've become addicted to your blog... please update! ;)

irene said...

sorry! we've been so busy we hadn't even been to the house in more than a week!

wow, now there's even more guilt when we don't get work done! ;)
that's probably a good thing.. not much time left till we have to move in.