Friday, May 4, 2007

Look Ma No Kitchen

Please help us design our new-old-fashiony kitchen!!!

Yes well two posts in one day, see what happens when I am left alone on a Friday night?-with no Sci-Fi to watch?

<--Here is a diagram of the room that is going to be our kitchen. Right now its just an empty room with a utility sink in a corner.

<- Here's one idea of how the kitchen could look. I call this the sinks and cabinets plan. I stuck as many wall and base cabinets in as I could. You'll also notice that I removed the door to the outside at the back of the kitchen.
The stove, table and frig are the actual sizes of ours so those have to stay-be made to fit in the room. I stuck all the extra sinks around because I'm not sure where to put the sink. I would like two sinks. One big one and one small prep sink. I think the big sink should go in the corner so it will be midway between the stove and the dishwasher. I think on the counter next to the frig would be a great place for the prep sink. I also think that the base cabinets near the entryway should have 45 deg sides to match the weird angled entry.

Here's what it would look like if you were standing in the corner of the kitchen looking back. That's a lot of cabinets I think....
Here's what it could look like if you were standing in the sidedoor to the sunroom.

Here's what it would look like if you were standing in the entryway to the kitchen.

Here's what it would look like if you were standing in front of the stove looking back at the room.

Now don't think that those will be the actual style of the cabinets I'm just mostly using them as place fillers to see how the space can be filled. We really want to get cabinets that look 'old fashiony' but we are not sure what that's going to be yet. The stove and frig sure are not old fashiony and I don't know what we can do about that.

Take a look at the plans before and after and please let us know what you think. We could really use some different ideas on how to fit all the stuff a modern kitchen needs-we have to fit the table too cause I don't believe in non-eat-in kitchens.


Anonymous said...

You might want to have more counter space -- maybe not as many sinks. Mom

The MadScientist said...

The title was 'Look Ma No Kitchen' and look ma replied!!! Classic!!

Sarah said...

My parents recently remodeled the kitchen, and it turned from a dark, crowded space into a lovely bright room that just invites you in. There were two important things that happened: 1) the over-counter cabinets were completely removed from a south-facing wall and 2) in that freed-up space, a big bank of windows was put in. More light makes a big difference, and when cabinets aren't hanging over your head as you chop onions, it's just more relaxing somehow. When I look at your design I see a TON of over-counter cabinets, and my opinion on those is less is more. Limited counter space can actually feel bigger and more useful if you don't have cabinets hanging over it. Consider devoting one wall entirely to storage, with no counters (using some kind of a tall pantry-like cabinet) and now that you have place for all your kitchen stuff, take out some of the overhead cabinets to lighten the atmosphere and free up the space around your head. It worked well in my parents' kitchen.

Also, I really enjoy what you're writing here. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I would really recommend picking up a copy of Jane Powell's Bungalow Kitchens. I know you don't have a bungalow per se, but it's really the best book around on period kitchens in general.

I second Sarah's comments about having fewer top cabinets but a large full-height cabinet. If you look at period images of pre-1930 kitchens, they generally have freestanding furniture pieces rather than wall-mounted cabinets, and the older the kitchen, the more this is so. Be thinking about cabinetry that will mimic hutches, Welsh dressers, plate racks, jelly cupboards, pantries, and worktables.

Do a Google or eBay search on "Hoosier cabinet" to see the precursor to modern top-and-bottom cabinets. (The stained rather than painted ones are what you want for a Victorian.)

As for your non-period stove and fridge - well, you can always change them later, but get the cabinets right from the start if you can! There's always the possibility of building a sort of cupboard around the fridge, so that you actually open a pantry-type door and find the fridge behind it.

Hope this helps!

The MadScientist said...

Hi Sarah,
Yep in this initial design there is a ton of cabinets. I don't think we have the resources to put in any more windows. The two large windows in the room are really large. We are working on which overheads we can live without...turns out we have a ton of stuff and we want to make sure that we can fit everything plus have space left over for when we have kids.

The MadScientist said...

Hi Again Jessamyn,
Sorry can't get rid of the wolf stove..we are both way to in love with it....
Like the idea of the furniture look cabinets also. We haven't really started looking into exactly what the cabinets will look like..still trying to work up a good layout of the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm not telling you to get rid of your stove! :-)

I do have a few more suggestions. One is, I personally would not put a sink right next to the fridge or stove. I like having a counter on which to put things down - hot pots, heavy containers going in or out of the fridge - while getting the doors open or closed.

Another is that (again assuming the top of the diagram is north) I would consider placing the fridge in the northwest corner of the room. It's a nice deep space that might help absorb the giant clunkiness of the fridge. As long as there's enough room for the doors to swing and you to bend over to get into it!

Thirdly, I suspect that on the east wall, where you have corner cabinets, the section of cabinetry on the south wall where it turns the corner is so short, I think what you gain by extending the cabinets around the corner you lose by having all that inaccessible inside-corner area. In other words, I don't know about you, but I hate corner cabinets and find them to be awful black holes out of which things never return. This would be an ideal spot for a floor-to-ceiling pantry-type cabinet; it would be easy to access, hold a ton of stuff (including brooms and mops), and have a nice period look to boot.


irene said...

Actually Jessamyn, we put that short return in just so we could get a corner cabinet - we love the ones we have in our current kitchen! The lower one we have has a lazy susan in it, which is great for canned and boxed goods

You're right about the sink being too close to the stove though.. part of the problem is that we can't get the design software to display a corner sink exactly in the corner.. but we are probably going to shift the stove a little further down the wall to leave more countertop in between.

That's an interesting spot for the fridge.. It's a bit tight because if we use a standard-depth fridge, it'll come all the way to the doorway, and if we use a counter-depth fridge we won't have any counter left between it and the stove. But it's definitely worth taking a look at because it solves the problem of having to shimmy by if people are seated at the table

thanks for all the great feedback!!