Friday, May 4, 2007

Our Master Bath Needs You!!!

Dang I must be bored out of my mind to do three blog posts in one night!!

Our master bath needs your help!! Its a weirdly shaped space and I really have no good idea on how to make use of it. The space is 17' wide and 6' deep. At the edges the knee wall is 3' 5" high and the roof is a 12/12 pitch. This is our first stab at a design and I am not happy with it. We gotta fit the clawfoot tub, a toilet, a decent sized vanity and the steam shower all up there in this weird space under the eves and I am stumped. No really, I'm stumped how we gonna fit all that stuff in there and have it be usable?

Here's the view if you were siting on the bench in the steam shower. I guess I like green tile? The toilet-vanity-tub are too close toghether and I don't know how to get more room.

Here's the view you would see if you were siting on the pot... There is 1' 7" inches between the toilet and the that enough?
There is a whopping 1' 6" between the tub and the vanity...that can't be enough can it?

As you can see Irene and I could really use your help. Got any ideas on how to best utilize this space? We would really love to hear them. If you have the winning design or we use part of your design a fabulous prize awaits you!!!!

Seriously Hellllllp!
George from the Old House List gave me this idea for a redo. I have to admit it works a lot better. The only thing is, the bath vanity is up against a window. Where do you put the mirror? The windows are non original so I would not feel bad about losing the middle mirror so we could have a nice vanity-mirror cabinet thing there...


amy from old house lovers said...

You might get a swing arm mirror and attach it to the framing nearest the sink.

Anonymous said...

George's proposal is exactly the one that popped into my mind. I think you're right on the money with the idea of blocking up the central window. It would be a very attractive room - and a period look - to have two windows flanking a mirror.

Re your bathroom in the basement - might I make a suggestion? Assuming the top of the plan is north, if you turn the tub against the west wall and move the toilet to the north wall, it will make the entrance less crowded and remove the current issue of having to sidle between the sink and the tub to get into the room. It will also be easier to hang a regular shower-curtain rod rather than requiring one that goes around a corner.


Anonymous said...

One more thing re the basement bath: I realize the room is probably 6x8, in which case you'd have a foot of space at the end of the tub if you turned it. However, this could easily be used. Either half its depth could be a 12"-wide cupboard that opens into the bathroom; or you could put the dead space at the north wall and have a nice 12x36 linen cupboard that opens onto the hall. Or you could go crazy and get a big ol' six-foot tub!

Also, another thing you'd gain by this switch is that you'd probably have room to turn the sink completely against the east wall, which would widen your sink, vanity, and cabinet options hugely vs. a corner unit.


The MadScientist said...

Hi Amy,

Yea that's a good idea but I think we are going to lose the window.

The MadScientist said...

Hi Jessamyn-that's an interesting name btw.

I think that the bathtub we have downstairs is in fact a six footer so we might be able to implement your plan.
Thanks for the thoughtful response.