Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Countdown's On!

It's been a busy week.. Dan was out of town for a few days so I went and hung curtains at the house. It's a little ridiculous, what with the gaping holes in the walls and floor.. but it definitely makes it a little homier.

We have a little bit of a kitchen, too! I picked up a couple little ikea-type counters, and look at our fancy new fridge! It keeps things so cold I could barely drink the water that's in there!

We also got about half our garage and most of our halloween stuff packed into a 20' shipping container, which is in storage for several months. We'll have it delivered to our new house after the foundation is done.. if that ever gets started..

Today was chock full of little things that need to be done before we move in less than a week! I setup our shade structure, which is a 10' x 20' temporary garage. Dan replaced 3 of the rotted, broken treads on the back stairs which crumbled in his hands when he was pulling them up.

Then we tackled the (insanely shallow!) water main that got pulled up during the regrading of the yard. This is Dan reading the directions on the fancy fitting we got so there would be no soldering required.

Next, it was back inside to replace the wax ring on the one remaining toilet, which has been showering water into the basement every time it's flushed. Unfortunately, once we got the toilet up we could see that there no flange -- the wax ring and toilet were sitting right on the subfloor.. which might explain why the room smelled so much like urine (and not the rodent variety). The wood doesn't seem to be too rotted, so tomorrow we'll pick up a flange and some new closet bolts (the old ones were rusted down to almost nothing) and put it all back together.

Then, while I was scraping up what was left of the nasty linoleum tile in the bathroom, Dan got started on the gaping-hole-in-the-floor problem. Without a joist underneath, this won't hold our weight, but it'll keep our punk cats from jumping down into the basement. We're a little worried about them jumping/climbing up the chimney shaft to the top floor, which is definitely not kitty-ready.

Last, but not least, we made a big batch of bleach/vinegar oxidizing solution and Dan sprayed the few still-smelly spots and I scrubbed up a bit of the dust left from the tearing out of the chimney. We'll be back bright and early tomorrow to do the last daylight work before we move in!


Kitt said...

Looks great! Is than an LG fridge? It's exactly the kind I planned to get for the old house, with the French doors and bottom freezer. The new house has a jumbo side-by-side fridge with ice and water in the door, so it'll be a while before I can justify swapping it out. It feels very extravagant.

Kate H. said...

I want a fridge like that, too. But I have to wait till a) it comes in white, and b) it gets a lot cheaper!

Carolyn said...

You'll have to let me know what you think of having the freezer at the bottom once you really start stocking up. I REALLY like the idea of the frig on the top, but once I started looking at the freezer part, I started to have 2nd thoughts. I'm afraid I'd have to be constantly digging to get to what is at the bottom since our freezer is usually packed!