Tuesday, June 26, 2007

That'll hold water

After working all day Sunday, we were down to zero toilets.. which was not ideal, what with the moving in in a couple days. The problem with really old toilets is that as soon as you touch something, it no longer holds water. Dan got all the dwv problems fixed, and put a nice new flange and wax ring down, but as soon as we reattached the tank, the rubber gasket started leaking. Since the tank doesn't sit directly on the bowl, there was a nice steady drip splashing down on the floor. An improvement from the raw sewage, yes.. but not what we were hoping for. And conveniently enough, that was about 3 minutes after the hardware store closed on Sunday.

So today all the rubber in the tank got replaced, everything was tightened back down and as we held our breath for the first flush, the water started dripping onto the floor. But after a little more tightening, it held.

About a month ago, when we were talking about fixing the toilet, and thinking maybe we should just buy a new one - we'll be replacing it in a year or so anyway - and coming to the conclusion that we didn't have time.. maybe that would've been a good idea after all.


Anonymous said...

Glad the toilet is fixed. Hope it lasts for a loooong, looong time. It is a necessity -- unless you want to fertilize your back yard.

Kitt said...

Hey, today's the day! Good luck with your move.