Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Settling in, part II

The big push right now is getting plans submitted for the foundation work. The engineer's plans were finally close enough to being correct that we were able to submit them. After 4 versions of the plans he gave us North was still wrong! Dan just corrected it on the plans, which were accepted at the Building office. After 2 months to do what should have been 2 weeks' work, we really didn't want to go through another iteration!

Now we need to get a whole pile of stuff to the Planning office.. they need floorplans of all 3 levels, plus renderings of whole house now, and after the proposed work. Plus there are pictures of our house and our neighbors houses from several different perspectives. Then we get to wait about a month before we find out if it requires a major design review.

The problem is that in the back of the house, we're closing in a section under the sunroom for a stairway. Based on the foundation remnant, it used to be closed in, and the planning folk agree it probably was originally closed in.. but since it's not closed in now it's as if it never was.

So there has been much measuring, remeasuring, and fun with CAD (much less fun for Dan, who's the one doing the plans)

I've been setting things up and cleaning.. I'm pretty sure at this point I've cleaned the bathroom here more than our old house, which we lived in for more than 5 years!

You've already seen the kitchen, the other main rooms are similar.

This is the front room, with Dan stretching his back (note to anyone with a bad back: the simple stretch shown is the one thing that's provided relief from the excrutiating pain of 2 bulging discs)

For reference, this is the front room when we first saw it ->

And this is the Living Room.

Leroy had the kitchen in this room, and we were planning to use it as a temporary kitchen while we built our new kitchen in the original location at the back of the house. It was so gross though, that we kept tearing more and more out until the only thing left of the kitchen were the water and drain lines in the wall. Now, it's pretty close to what the final room will be like.

Here's the "before" shot ->

And this morning I stopped by the Title company with a copy of the Judge's Decree changing our name to Neumansky. This week we'll sign a new Deed and this really will be Chez Neumansky!


Helen said...

I love your blog! Quite a challenge you've taken on. I don't understand the name thing, though.

irene said...

Thanks Helen!

the name thing has been a bit of a saga.. Dan and I were married last year and we decided to combine our last names:
Neuman + Simansky = Neumansky

But the regulations for changing names changed in the month between when we got our marriage license and when we went into the social security office to make the name official/legal.

So we had to go through the whole process of publishing notices of the proposed name change and having a hearing in front of a judge (and it took months to get a hearing date!) and we finally have a Decree from the Court making Neumansky our legal name.

Of course, there's now a measure being pushed to change the rules back to making it easier for couples in California to pick a new name on their marriage licenses. Figures!

thanks for your nice note,