Monday, July 9, 2007

Settling in

I'm sorry for the delay in posting.. We hit the ground running getting things organized and setup as much as possible, and when we finally got our internet access up we were just too tired to write anything down. Plus, it was Dan's birthday, so we took a little time to have fun (movies, massages, good meals..) and we had a hearing to get a court order declaring that our last name is officially Neumansky! So.. getting back to the house..

Our cats seem to love this place as much as we do. They've been exploring every inch (which is why it all had to be scrubbed 5 times with bleach before they got here!), and have discovered the staircase. They haven't yet gotten curious about what's behind the door at the top of the stairs, but it's not so worrisome because Luna can't work any of the doorknobs here like she could at the old house. (It's sad actually.. her one really impressive trick and we took it away! She could open about half the doors at our old house - we had to lock them in order to keep her in!)

And we woke up the other morning to them frantically climbing up the window in the bedroom - cats attempting to climb on glass is not a sound easily tuned out. When I pulled back the curtain and saw what was going on I ran to get the camera.. It wasn't as perfect when I got back, but you can still make out their new little friend in the tree. When I first looked they were literally eye to eye! That squirrel won't be so smug when Luna figures out how to work the windows here!

We've gotten several rooms mostly setup.. I still need to take pictures of the rest of the house, but for now here's our little kitchen setup.

Once the foundation is done and we move the washer and dryer downstairs, we'll be putting things as close as possible to the position we've planned for the final kitchen layout. I'm really happy that we'll get a chance to live with the layout for awhile before getting cabinets and things built in. This way, if there's anything as annoying as the squeeze to get by the fridge at our old house, we can change it before it's permanent.

I'm also pleased that once I realized how handy our kitchen island.. I mean, fancy oven, is for storing pots and pans, that we have a couple shelves free to go grocery shopping!

We'll be hooking up the washer, and hopefully the dryer, soon. Although there's a gas stubout there, we're not sure if it's live, but there's already a tee on the water line to the sink. Since they're front-loaders, we'll still be able to use them to hold ourdishrack and handy camp stove.

For comparison, here's a little Before shot of the room.

As you can see, we put down some rugs. We've reached our goal of being able to get from the bed to the bathroom, the fridge, and the living room without needing shoes! The only thing that'll top that is when we don't need the rugs anymore :)

Here are a couple shots of the bathroom. You can see my beginner linoleum-laying skills.. Making the roll I had cover the whole floor left a couple ugly seams, but It's only got to last a year or 2, and after caulking all the edges and seams it's really not so bad. The chewed-up bottom of the walls, on the other hand, bug the hell out of me.. but being unafraid of being barefoot in the bathroom is, actually, priceless.

The tub and shower surround have been scrubbed at least 20 times and I don't think those rust stains are coming out. But we bought a new extender-bar showerhead (and an adapter to connect it to the weird old fitting), so soon Dan will be able to shower standing upright!

It's been really, strangely hot here for the last week, so in the middle of a particularly hot day we took a little trip to the (air-conditioned) home depot where all ceiling fans were 20% off.

The light in the living room was so disgusting I didn't even touch it during the cleaning phase.

We had bought a little cheap-o light to put up before we put a fan in, but between the heat and the sale, and the gift certificate wedding present that we found while packing, we couldn't hardly NOT go get a fan.

You can see Dan working on the wiring,

and here's my little assembly line for putting the blades together.

It's really a nice fan, and the first thing to go in here that's actually permanent! Plus, it does a good job of circulating the air.. which is important since we're still catching whiffs of not-so-pleasantness. We hope it's just because it's been so hot, but some areas that were smelling totally fine seem to be not so fine now.

That's about it for now.. we'll take more pictures this week and get back into a regular posting schedule.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on moving in and on changing your name. What about using molding on the bottom of the walls in the bathroom temporarily?

irene said...

I thought about that (the other morning while I was sitting in the bathroom :) ), and if it continues to bug me this much, I may.. It wouldn't cost much, and would only take an hour or so, I just feel silly taking that time for something so temporary. If we ever get the foundation work started, that's something that I can do while the house is all jacked up, since most other work will be on hold during that time.