Friday, August 17, 2007

More Plans for the bottom floor.

Hello All,
Thought we would share with you the plans for the bottom floor of the house. If we can ever get the dang permits to start the job.
This first diagram is what the city calls a plot plan. It shows the footprint of your house in relation to your lot and your neighbors houses. The city of Alameda is pretty finicky about their plot plans but this one made them happy...well except for we made the lines too thin-I'm not allowed to show up there anymore with lines this thin....WE HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!

Here's a diagram of what was the existing first floor layout. All those transverse walls don't exist anymore. They came down when we did the gutting of that floor. We also removed the bathroom fixtures too.
That little chunked out area at the back of the house is what's causing all of our problems. That 15 by 6' area is what's triggering all of this major design review nonsense...I tell ya I'm getting super, super tired of it....

Here's what our proposed new downstairs will look like. We are going to a 9' rough ceiling everywhere down there. That way we don't have to do inset beams where we want to remove load bearing walls. With the beams below the joists we will have a lot more space to run heating and plumbing ducts and what not.
We are really looking forward to all the new shop space. With this setup we can build crazy metal art that's at least 8' by 7' and still get it out of the garage door. Its not shown in this diagram but in the bottom right corner will be where our spiral staircase we go.
Also that tiny bathroom will not be so tiny. We are going to push the wall out that the sinks on a couple of feet so it won't be so cramped. We like this setup because we have a bath and bedroom on the bottom floor for guests. And when we have outdoor parties we will have a bath on the same floor so folks don't have to trek upstairs to pee. Or when we are in the shop working we will not have to trek upstairs to pee either!!!


Anonymous said...

Don't even try to show up with lines that are too thick. Just remember; you'll laugh about it later, mmmm or not.

Migdana said...

Well said.