Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Permit Update

First off I have to ask

Wyoming and Mississippi why do you hate us so?

We have readers in every state in the union besides you guys? Because we are both dorks Irene has Google analytics tracking the blog site and it has this super cool map view where you can see where everyone is checking your site from. It shows people checking the site pretty regularly from everywhere besides wyoming and mississippi (I'm not even going to capitalize them!). Nobody from either of those states has ever, ever looked at out blog!! What, you don't like old houses? You don't like people fixing up their own houses? Sheesh.

Permit Updates:
Got a nice call from my planner with the city today. He looked thru our packet and he said it all looked pretty good except that I forgot to note a the window in the dormer on the third floor on the window schedule (even though we are only working on the bottom floor). He said that he was going to notify the neighbors and start the 10 day notification period tomorrow! That's like super awesome fast. Usually they take 30 days just to tell you if your packet is okay. He did it in exactly a week!! They must like us...

The building permits is another story....still have not heard back from the engineer yet as to what he wants to do about the plan checkers comments. I'm just about done with this guy and interviewed two new SE's today...They were honest and said that it would probably be faster and cheaper for me to get the original guy to finish instead of them having to start basically from scratch...this situation is causing much angst for me as I don't want to fire him but dang I don't feel like he's giving me much choice...

Need Contractor Recommendations
If you live in the area or know someone who does and who could recommend a quality contractor to us for the following trades please let me know.

  1. We need an electrician to upgrade the main panel from 100 to 200amps. I'll do all the interior wiring myself but I am scared to mess with the service entrance.
  2. We need a quality roofer. Right after the foundation is done we want to get the roof redone before the rains come at the end of October. This job is going to be a complete tear off and they are probably going to have to fix some framing issues.
  3. We need an HVAC contractor. We would really love to get a quality installation done of a gas forced air heating system before it gets too cold.
  4. Insulation Contractor: We really want to do a closed cell spray foam insulation deal in the attic after the roof is fixed.
  5. Plumber: We want to install a Rinnai gas tankless water heater. Unfortunately Rinnai won't honor the warranty unless a licensed plumber installs it...super lame. We need to find a plumber who has installed several as they are unique and require special knowledge.

Now before y'all think we are selling out and paying people to do the work instead of doing the work ourselves just hold on. This is our dream list but honestly we will probably do everything on it ourselves besides the roofing and service upgrade.


Jarrett said...

Hey Neumanskyeses' (what is a plural Neumansky - Neumanski?)! Thanks to you I have now installed a Google Analytics plugin on my blog. So... you've got that going for you. I don't know anyone in either Wyoming or Mississippi, so I can't help you there. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Mississippi, here, reading your blog which I really like. Cross us off the list.
Got there from Breaktime, btw