Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fresh hot water

We're getting bids from other foundation contractors, but may wind up going with our original one after all.. hopefully that will be sorted out in the next couple weeks. In the meantime, it was suggested that our old water heater, while full of personality, would probably not survive the jostling of the concrete being broken up on all sides of it. We plan to put in a tankless hot water heater, but will need to redo much of the supply lines before that can happen, and a nice solid wall to mount it to would help as well. In the meantime, 10 minutes on craigslist turned up the perfect, lightly used, plenty-of-life-left-in-it hot water heater for $50. The couple we bought it from had just finished work on their house and it was easier for them to get a new water heater in the new spot and get it all hooked up before they took out the old one. It worked out perfectly all around.

While I got the last bits of stuff out of the basement, Dan hooked up the shiny, new-to-us water heater. Look at those shiny supply lines! (don't look too much at the exhaust line.. it's temporary, and does the job for now)

Here's something I didn't know.. when they're first hooked up and lit, they often drip. for awhile.. long enough for us to have the "did you tie it down in the car or did it get whacked around on the way home?" and "are you sure they said it didn't leak when they pulled it out??" conversations a couple times, along with the "how late is home despot open tonight?" conversation. And long enough for it to put out the dainty little pilot light! But right there on the side in a big, bold sticker it said essentially that it's a feature, not a bug:

The water heater we pulled out was actually not that old.. it even had an energy star sticker that put it at about the same efficiency as the new one! But apparently rat pee isn't any better for water heaters than it is for our noses.

So we had a couple nice, hot showers in nice, fresh water!

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