Wednesday, October 24, 2007

hazardous waste

I've been dreading dealing with the scary pile of hazardous goop we found in the house.. Even with all our dumpsters and runs to the dump there were things that really needed special handling. It's all been sitting on the floor of the garage, but since I still have hopes of starting the foundation work soon, it had to go!

So I finally loaded everything up in the truck and brought it over to one of the Alameda County Hazardous Waste Facilities. It was by far the easiest thing I've done at the new house!

When I pulled up, I hopped out of the truck to start pulling things out, or at least pointing things out.. and I got chastised! "We can handle it, you don't need to do anything," I was told. From pulling up, giving them the form (which they had copies of on a clipboard, in case I hadn't printed it out beforehand.. and it's very short.. only has about 3 lines to fill out) and driving off took under 5 minutes.

Is it wrong of me to wish everything was more like the hazardous waste??


PerfessorEvil said...

LOL... yeah, it's really easy, but I keep spacing on our approved days. I'm going to have to put it in my Outlook calendar.

... ok, I just looked, and apparently now they are open three days a week, every week. I guess I don't have any excuse for hording 18 empty cans of black spray paint.

Oh, BTW, we were just down at East Ocean Seafood on Webster for Dim Sum on Saturday... I meant to look up your address and do a drive by gawking, but forgot. Shame. I looked it up later, and saw that we were only 8 or 9 blocks away.

BTW... great dim sum, very cheap. There were 9 of us, we ate like pigs, and it only came out to about 12 bucks per person.

irene said...

A lot of cities let you recycle empty spray cans right at the curbside. Alameda isn't one of them, but there's a wizard on the site that'll tell you. Were you hanging onto them just in case there was a little left in the can?? (oh wait, that's probably just me projecting..)

What with the lack of a kitchen we've been eating out more than we should.. we'll have to check out yummy dim sum! Thanks for the tip!

and btw, Alameda isn't that big, so odds are if you're on the island, you're not that far away. :)

The MadScientist said...

Ha Rik seems like your always in Almeda just to eat!!. You shoulda stopped by the house you coulda seen our very down scaled 'halloween decorations'
You gotta try Jim's for breakfast-giant gut busting portions and cheapish prices.

PerfessorEvil said...

There is another reason to go to Alameda? LOL

BTW, I know you guys are probably busy (most of us Halloween types are), but you are welcome to join us for our Halloween party Saturday. I'm going to post a reminder on CalHauntS in a few minutes.

irene said...

Can we take a raincheck and come for the after/video viewing party? The ladies in our old neighborhood are keeping the tradition alive, and the block off the street, hand out hundreds of costumes and paint hundreds more faces of kids who are totally wired on candy Street Fair is happening this saturday!

PerfessorEvil said...

That's great! I was hoping that the street fair wouldn't die when you guys moved away. Such a great thing for the kids.