Tuesday, October 9, 2007

No More Stinky House!!! we hope...

¯Stinky house, stinky house,

its not your fault!!!!¯

So, as most of you know our house STANK when we bought it. I mean, make you gag, run outside for air, dry heaving STANK! We've torn open lots of walls and removed lots of rats nests and sprayed our magic de-stanking solution far and wide. The house smells pretty good, but there was still a waft of nasty funk coming from the vague vicinity of the pocket doors. We've been combating this mostly by keeping a couple of windows open in each room and hoping the smell would go away... Well, with the turn in the weather we've been forced to close most of the windows in the house.

First, it was our bedroom window (we were scared) on a Friday night, but lo and behold no stank in the bedroom the next morning (we slept in)! Next, we closed the windows in the kitchen.... no stank!! Then, we closed the transom window and the windows in our front room... dang, some stank... the area of our pocket doors was still funky.

So, guess what I got to do? Yes, knock into the walls and dig around for nasty, disgusting rats nests! The pocket door looked mostly clean from peeking into the opening, but there was definitely funk coming from inside the pocket. I knocked a small hole in the wall (this side of the doors was drywalled) and dug around inside. Waaaaaay way in the back around a corner I hit stinky gold!!

Yep, just look at this bag of yummy, yummy, yummy rats nest. The best part was that I was up to my shoulder in the wall reaching around blindly pulling this stuff out. I thought for sure that I was going to stick my finger through a gooey decomposing rat.. but rats, no such luck...

I soaked the cavity with the de-stinking solution so much so that it rained down below on Irene! She wasn't so super happy about that... but its been a couple of days now and it appears that we've beat the nefarious smell.

And Now For Some Crazy Cat Person Pics!
When we are working on the house we can't have the cats getting underfoot so we have to lock them in a room. Since the double G's stole our bedroom door the only room that we can lock the cats in is our bathroom!

Here's what our punk ass cat Henrietta likes to do to the toilet paper!!
Just look at her she's sticking her tongue out at us!!
Look at that guilty look on her face!!

This one's hilarious, our other cat cowering in the corner getting snowed on.
She looks guilty doesn't she?

Here's a close-up shot of the mess they made. That was a full roll of toilet paper before they started.
This wouldn't bother us so much except that it looks like a, you guessed it, RATS NEST!!!!

That's all for now still waiting for our contractor to get back to us on a re-worked quote for foundation work.

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