Monday, October 15, 2007

This is Halloween..

It somehow doesn't surprise people to hear Halloween is our favorite holiday. And for the last few years we've gone from decorating our house...

this is our old house-> having a little haunted house in our driveway (pictures here), to blocking off the whole block and throwing a street fair with our neighbors (lots of pix, & some video here). We'll be headed back to the old 'hood to help give out some costumes and paint some faces, but we had to take advantage of the fact that Chez Neumansky looks so much like a haunted house already that the neighbor kids dare each other to go near it. We were hoping that the foundation would be done by now and we'd have a nice, empty dry space that we could set up a cool haunted house.. but no such luck.. All our Halloween stuff is in storage and the foundation work hasn't even started. At least we don't have to feel bad about how shabby the house looks, with the front stairs falling in and the paint peeling.. it's like we spent months getting it ready to look spooky!

A few strategically placed pumpkins and a demon go a long way.. And we should have a little something extra in the front window by the end of the month :D

The gargoyles on the sides of the stairs got stolen, which bums me out.. but in our old neighborhood they'd've been gone much faster. It was sort of test.. oh well.

About that foundation.. we were hoping to get started today, but on Friday we got the final quote based on the final, approved plans.. after the nausea passed we went back through to try to pick out the parts that we could do ourselves, and the parts that might be able to wait. We had a few estimates months ago, but now that we have all the details we need to to get a couple other bids.

So there's nothing to do but enjoy the most magical time of the year!

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Kitt said...

Spooooky! It looks great. Sucks about the gargoyles, though. I hope they haunt the thieves' nightmares!

Fingers crossed for your foundation.