Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This is *really* Halloween

Not having our Halloween stuff was really making me sad.. But once we got past the fact that there was no way we could do a big haunted house in our brand new basement I had only one goal for this year: I wanted a ghost in the window. We might have picked up a few spiders and demons and ghoulies also.. but it's really all about the ghost.

We had a ghost at our old house.. her name was Victoria. The neighborhood kids LOVED her! They would ask all year long if she was gonna be back. And after we moved they asked if she would still be there after we were gone. Sadly, Victoria probably hasn't made an appearance, but we have a different ghost at our new place

The new ghost doesn't have a name yet, but Henrietta likes to keep her company in the window. Maybe next year we'll have a ghost in the window AND one haunting our basement :D

Here's a spooky shot of some demons

And a couple videos

I thank my lucky stars for my madscientist every day.. among other reasons because without him I would be SUCH a crazy cat lady! But who can blame me?! how cute is this?!:

If you're anywhere near Oakland, CA this weekend, please join us in our old 'hood for the 3rd Annual Ghost Town Halloween Haunt. With all our stuff in storage there won't be quite so much in the way of decorations.. but there will be a bouncy house, a dj, and count 'em TWO snow cone machines! It's a day of fun for kids that could really use it. More details here

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Kitt said...

Wow, that ghost is amazing! I love it. How did you make it? You should post a tutorial.

I never manage much more than a carved pumpkin with xmas lights inside for Halloween, mostly because I am at work when the kids come by for trick-or-treating. At my old house I would just leave candy out, and there was always a little left when I came home. I wonder if that will be the case at the new place.

I did have a good costume for a party this last weekend, though. Very scary!