Saturday, October 6, 2007

We are so goth, Azrael

Still waiting to get started on the foundation, but the light we've been eying in a catalog for about 7 years, but never thought we'd actually ever have any place to put, just arrived! So this afternoon we got rid of one more ugly light.

Here's the entryway Before

Here's Dan getting the wires ready

And here he is putting the finishing touches on our cool light.. there were a whole lot of steps in between, but I was holding the light up from the other side of the ladder during most of it, and I'm just not coordinated enough to hold something that heavy and still snap a pic. Besides, this way it makes it look like we're just that good that it only takes 5 minutes to put in a light!

Here's our much grander entryway After

And a closeup of the cool gargoyles (click the photo to zoom in). I think the ones on the bottom look like monkeys, which makes Dan keep asking what I have against monkeys.. it's not bad, I've just never seen monkey gargoyles before.

It's a little on the big side for our not-giant entryway.. but it looks really nice. We only used 2 links from the 4' chain it came with so no one will knock their head against it coming down the stairs. All you can see from outside are the nice Victorian glass shades, which look perfect!

That's it for now! next stop, Halloween!!!!!


Tara said...

Yep, they DO look like monkeys.

That is a very cool light fixture...I'm mentally trying to find a place for it in my house...but there just isn't one.

The MadScientist said...

Hi Tara,
Yep they do look like monkeys don't they! I like to think of them as the evil flying monkeys from wizard of oz.