Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Foundation Update

We've got a start date!!
So here's where we stand with the foundation. We've interviewed 4 top quality local foundation contractors and we've decided to go with George with Alameda Structural. We had a couple of disagreements with a couple of the terms in the contract but we had a very civil meeting about it today and have resolved our differences. We have a start date of Dec 5th!!!!!! George says it should take about 6 weeks to complete the job. We are a little bit nervous about having this work done during the rainiest part of the year but Alameda Structural has allayed our fears and we are going for it!

Man I hope I don't have a saga unfold like our peeps at casa decrepit. This job is going to be the single most expensive thing we've ever done to a house (besides buying it) by like an order of magnitude....

Wish us luck and good weather everyone!

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Anonymous said...

We do wish you loads of luck. Hope it goes smoothly.
Love, Mom & Dad