Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Four Day Weekend And We Worked One Day!

No More Rats Nests--No More Rats Nests!!!
We know we've probably said this before but this time its for real!!! We got the last rats nest in the house today!!!!! Hurray!!!!! Yippee!!!! Huzzah!!!

Here's me preparing to do battle with the last nasty stinky, skanky, funky rats nest.
You see when we were researching the bump-out idea we looked more closely at our existing bump-out. When we peered up into the joist bays this is what we found!!

Yes its that lovely, lovely thing we here at Chez Neumansky call....a dirty, disgusting, nasty, stanky rats nest!! If you look closely you can just make out the form of a mummified rat.
All the joist bays in the bump-out were full of this kind of luvin. Don't know how we missed it before. This area in the family room was the last remaining bit of stank in the house and we couldn't figure out where it was coming we know.

Here's me sucking the luvin out of the joist bays.. the sound the vast amounts of rock hard rat poops made while being sucked up by the shop vac was not unlike a rainstik....ahhhh how relaxing...

Here's a nice clean shiny joist bay sans the nasty rat funk. This is before we doused the area with the oxidizing solution. We laid the solution on pretty thick and kinda stunk up the family room...sorry kitties!

Check this out. This is a big trash can mostly full with rats nest!! Yum, Yum Yum We're so glad that this part of the rehab is over.....yea right.

We also finally finished up the demo of the top floor!
Here's Irene going at the nails behind the bead-board in the old bathroom on the top floor.
We bought some 12" metal cutting demo blades for the the sawzall and boy did they come in handy here. We also bought some new batteries for the cordless tools and wow we think they lasted a lot longer than our old ones. We were trying a different technique of gently loosening the wood just enough to get the blade in behind it and cutting the nails from behind. We think that this way ended up being a lot faster than trying to do it all with cats-paws and we think it left the wood in better shape.

Here's Irene again attacking that bead-board. Let me tell you, whoever put that stuff up should be keel-hauled. They used framing nails to put it up!!!!
The bead-board used to cover all the walls and ceiling of the original bath-kitchen area. Actually some time in the past they plastered over the bead-board to make it look smooth!!! Then someone put up dry wall over that!! Yikes what a mess!!

Here's a shot of what used to be the bead-board ceiling. I had to lay on the floor to get this one....

We managed to save most of the wood paneling. Irene's tub here has the scrap in it. The wood was super dried out redwood so not splitting the tongues was hard. We're not sure where exactly in the new bath the bead-board will go but hopefully we will figure out someplace cool to make this work worthwhile.

So that's what we got accomplished on our one day of house work on a four day weekend. We both can't wait for the foundation work to start. We can now also call for an inspection for our demo permits, hmmm, I think we'll wait for the first foundation inspection and just kill two birds with one stone.

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