Thursday, November 29, 2007

Update on Kitchen Bump Out Idea

Just got back from the planning dept and running the kitchen bump-out idea past them. Surprise, surprise they didn't totally stomp all over it. They did say I could maximize my chances of getting it approved if I matched the outline of the existing bump-out (big shocker there). They also said that because its on a second floor that that will automatically trigger another major design review!!!! Yay!!!!! That means another ridiculous round of ridiculousness!!! And fee's!!!! Lots more fee's!! We are not planning on doing this anytime soon really I just wanted to get a feel from the city if I had an ice cubes chance in heck with the idea or not.

Here's the kicker, since our house is considered by the city to have significant historical value they are going to get the Alameda Architectural Preservation societies input into the project! That's going to suck....those guys are very, very particular about any changes being made to the Victorians of the island. I got the presidents name and number so I think I'll give him a call and see if I can sweet talk him into coming out to look at the house and giving me his input.

Another reason why I went down there was to put my contractors name on the permit as the GC. For some reason I thought it was required but the permit tech said it was not. I'm torn about this I don't want to be the GC as I believe that would make me responsible for everything that goes wrong. I'm paying Alameda Structural for that, I want them to be the GC and handle all this stuff. Is that crazy? Am I wrong about that?
Anywho, couldn't do it anyways as the contractor needs to be there to sign the forms.

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