Friday, December 21, 2007

and she's down!

Day 14 and our house has a foundation!

This is Dean who was, in fact, a nice guy.. but I think Shadow there was running the show.

Everyone showed up nice and early, did some last checks, and pumped the water and scooped the mud up out of the forms while the concrete mixer truck backed up at about 1mph for a block.

Then they hooked everything up and started pumping it in!

This is the fleet of trucks on our street. That's the second concrete truck rolling in at 9am! There was a LOT of concrete was brought in here today.

They hand formed it up to the sill and smoothed it out.

<-- This area is still being formed

While the driveway walls are niiice and smooooth. Look how pretty! -->

We have 10.25' between the walls so getting the bikes out with a car parked there should be no problem!

And look how nicely the ends slope down toward the sidewalk. This way there won't be anything to trip on because it's totally level with the sidewalk for about a foot, then starts sloping up as a retaining wall.

We snuck downstairs tonight and made it official.. It's really our house!!

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