Sunday, December 9, 2007

Day 4, coming right along..

There has been a LOT of activity the last couple days!

You can see that the bottom run of our front stairs is gone.. I didn't think they would survive the work anyway, but the crew needed egress to run the giant steel beams under that side of the house. Half of them went in through the garage doors, and they're sitting on top of the stacks of railroad ties. There are clearer pictures of that from the inside.

With the stairs gone the no access to our front porch doesn't matter so much.. There were concerns about the load of the area over the porch, so it's shored up for the duration.

A close up of our front stairs.

We're going to need to rebuild that landing too.. I'll be very excited when we have a nice, sturdy staircase that we don't have to worry about buckling under people.

Look, no more animal nests anywhere under the house! or, hopefully, anywhere in the house for that matter!

Here a view from where the back door used to be. There's no wall back there at all - it's completely open.

This view illustrates the process a little.. The railroad ties (mostly 6"x6", but some 6"x8") were stacked in the bottom of the big pits. They're crisscrossed all the way up to the joists above. In this case, the steel beams run across the top of the stacks, and the house rests above that. Then the old foundation gets knocked out, and the rest of dirt is dug down to the level of the pits. There's still a bit more to be cleared out - that's why they were working on Saturday - but it's amazing how much was done in just 4 days!

The house is entirely resting on the railroad ties. You can see the walls just hanging there above the ground. So it's not that the house is being "lifted" to get the old foundation out and then rested back down on the new foundation (I've been asked about this a lot) - it's held exactly in place the whole time.

This coming week there will be some leveling done, so we expect to get some cracking. The back 4 feet of the house seems to have started life as a multi-level porch, which always had a slope. There's been further settling, which they're going to bring as close to level with the rest of the house as possible.

We've discovered some impressive cracks already radiating out from the corners of the pocket doors.

The back stairs are pretty interesting too.. I think they would've been rendered inaccessible yesterday, except that that's currently the only way in or out of the house. It looks like the weight of the deck is being spread across 4 2"x6"s which are resting on 2 of the steel beams. It looks pretty odd to us, but these guys are the experts.

Here's a view from the underside. There used to be a couple concrete piers with posts supporting the center of the deck, but the new outer wall of the house will replace some, and the remaining 2 will be redone.

We did notice this after yesterday's work.. the main sewer stack underneath the bathroom has a gaping hole in it. There's an obvious flow of water in the dirt around it, and it smells about as nice as you'd expect.

The neighbors weren't very excited about the work continuing on Saturday, but everyone is being very nice about it. Plus, we've been told by several people how friendly and respectful the crew has been. I'm glad we're surrounded by such nice people, because we have another 5 1/2 weeks to go!

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Fantastic ride you're on! Can't wait to see the new foundation!