Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Here we go!!!

Look what I just found when I came home from work! The porta-potty fairy was here!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, the foundation work starts.
For real.
We're really starting!

We wrote letters to all the neighbors telling them what was going on and how to contact us.. hopefully the noise won't be too bad. Fortunately there's rain to keep the dust down (she says ironically, because this is the EXACT time of year we didn't want to be doing this and it did actually rain today.)

So, in about a year, please remind me of how happy I am now to be getting down to work :)


Kitt said...

Good luck!

PerfessorEvil said...

You need to stencil a crescent moon on it. :)

The MadScientist said...

Hey Perfessor,
We're going to decorate it for christmass! We are going to put a wreath on the door, hang some ornaments from the roof edge and make up a sign that says "Santas Workshop" and stick in on the side facing the street!! How Festive!
Maybe even put christmass lights on it and some tinsel. It could be a new tradition for us decorating the porta potty!!