Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow can stop these guys

This is where we are at after only 10 working days!

This week has been full of rain, and it hasn't slowed the crew down one bit! Though the bottom of the footing trenches are getting kinda muddy...

<-- This is the form for the foundation wall on the West side of the house.

Notice that the foundation wall will be flush with the inside side of the joists. The grey sheet is the waterproofing membrane which lines the trench below ground level. You also can see the rebar which reinforces the concrete (it's right there in the name: reinforcing bar.. rebar.. get it?), and the anchor bolts which tie the house into the foundation.

That's the last picture taken before the rain hit..

This is what our back door looks like now. The waterfall off the corner is nice.

This will be the bearing wall in the back part of the house. The front workshop area will have a super-beefy post and beam to span the house and keep it nice and open.

The 2x6s here aren't the joists, they're just there to hold the sill plate up until the footing is poured. The foundation will be poured up to the bottom of these bottom plates then the slab will be poured giving us one level unbroken floor.

There's a nice river running through these trenches, but they'll bring a sump on Thursday to pump it out before pouring the concrete.

The front of the house is a slightly different obstacle course every day. The sidewalk is broken up for access to the sewer, and the intact part is of course taken up by the porta-potty. The nice 96 year old lady has been walking in the street on her way to visit her daughter.. I'd really like for her to be able to use the sidewalk again soon.

You may notice that one of the garage doors is missing.. it apparently came apart from the vibrations.

We haven't heard anything about the inspection yet, so I hope no news is good news. We'll find out in the morning..
We hope that everything goes as planned and they can pour the foundation walls this Thursday.

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