Thursday, December 20, 2007

One more day till our house has feet

The rain is supposed to be over until the end of next week, so our little lean-to tent has gone away. Over on the East side of the house you can see that everything is pretty much ready to be filled with concrete.

The inspector was by yesterday, and he liked everything he saw. He needs to come again before the pour to inspect the plumbing and the final forms, but it seems like we're good to go for getting a foundation tomorrow!

Here's a nice illustration of how fast these guys are working. This is where the gas line comes into the house. On the left is after day 11, on the right is the next day. Once the outside piece of plywood goes up it's hard to see the rebar inside

And here's the footing for the post which will hold up the beam which will hold up the whole middle of the house. On the left is after day 11, on the right is the next day with the post in place

And a better view into the footing. The slab will be poured over the top, so we won't even know it's there.

These are the sleeves for the plumbing lines into our new bathroom. The plumber had more to do today, which is one of the reasons the pour was delayed.

From this angle outside you can see most of the final structure of the forms, and all the bracing so the concrete can't push out.

This is our growing river, also known as the foundation for our load-bearing wall in the back of the house.

And finally, a view from the back. There's quite a lot going on down there.

Hopefully everything goes well tomorrow and we'll have something for the house to sit on!

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