Friday, December 7, 2007

Out with the old..

These guys are moving really fast! This is what the basement looked like after day one ->

<- And here's the same spot after day 2!

Those pits are pretty scary when you come home in the dark and walk right past all the caution tape, using your cell phone as a flashlight.. Railroad ties are going to be stacked up in there to support the joists above so the old brick foundation can be knocked out

Because we timed it so well the crew has been working in the rain and mud, so they put up a tarp/shade to keep the lumber dry

The only weird thing so far (aside from the fact that the pilot on the water heater has been out..) is this framing under under that back room.

Here's a better picture of it. ->

I think those joists are being entirely replaced with ones that span all the way across - the open area back there is being closed in (the "major design review" portion of the plan).

In any case, when I asked about it I was told it was only temporary, which is fine with me.

When I left for work this morning they were loading in the steel beams which are going to carry the load of the house. You should've seen the crane maneuvering around those wires!

They put a roller on top of a railroad tie under each end of the beam which the crane placed them on so the beams can be moved by mere mortals.

You can also see the stack of railroad ties that was being loaded in.

After the first night of stumbling around in the dark I learned that trying to take pictures at the end of the day after getting home from wasn't really worth it, so I've been taking pix in the morning before heading out. I thought I'd do a complete spread of where things are tomorrow, but they've asked to work (on Saturday!) to get a bit more done. Much as we wanted a little extra sleep tomorrow morning, I don't want to put a damper on that kind of enthusiasm!

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