Monday, December 10, 2007

This Remodel Brought To You BY...

Monster Energy Drink!
I don't like to think that we are overly picky but....
I think I know how these guys are getting the job done so fast. They're all hopped up on Monster Energy drink.
Look here's one hanging out with his buddy empty soda cup.
And here's one...
This one's hiding in the cribing.
This ones hanging out on some other cribing with its buddys coke one and coke two.
This one's taking a bow.

These two are getting crushed by the junk pile!! Poor things, won't someone save them?
Here's a long shot of the dig-out so far. If you look carefully you can see Mr. Monster and his buddy Coke lounging about on some cribbing.
I was so shocked at just how deep the hole was that they dug that I had to measure it. Its just about 9' which is how high we wanted the ceilings on the bottom story.
Here's Irene grabbing the 'good bricks' and hiding them so she can use them on the driveway and maybe on some garden paths and what-not.

But seriously, the job is coming along faster than I could of imagined. The house movers are coming this Wednesday to level the house and the plan is to be pouring the foundation walls the following wednesday!! Yahoo!!!! Good news too, its not supposed to rain for a couple of weeks!!

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Marisa said...

You know where to get more bricks if you want them... right?