Sunday, December 16, 2007

the wait is finally over: first problem

What You Don't Want To See When Preparing To Pour A Driveway

A couple of things came up yesterday as the driveway was being dug down... because we lowered the level of the garage, the driveway has to slope down about 2 feet from the street-this extra depth uncovered a few surprises...

<-- Here you can see both the problems. At the bottom left is the main sewer lateral cutting diagonally through the driveway. The trenches are at the final depth, and the pipe was barely below the surface. The yellow hose on the right is the main gas line into the house, also very close to the surface and nowhere near where anyone thought it was: right in the middle of a footing.

In this picture you can see why we were surprised to find the gas line in the middle of the driveway ->>

The red circle at the upper left is the line into the gas meter.

The blue circle is apparently the original gas line, right where we expected to find it, but capped off and not connected to anything.

Yellow on the right is the active gas line, about a foot into the driveway.

George the GC (in the Raiders jacket-go Raiders!!!) came over and we spent some time measuring and talking about the problems.

The sewer line will definitely need to be moved, but that was less of a surprise. It'll run along the side of driveway under the water main (Apparently the sewer line can be as close as a foot away from the water line), but then it needs to make about a 60 degree bend (this seems like a likely clog point) to meet up with the city line.

Also, because of the new lower floor level and the fall requirement the fixtures in the bathroom will be higher than the floor.. we're just trying to determine how high.

Here's Hector (the head of the crew) measuring the height of the stack and where it connects to the city line, which is the absolute lowest it could be connected.

The gas line is a different issue.. from what everyone tells us it's very unlikely we'll be able to move it. All we need is a few inches to get it out of the driveway, but that would likely add weeks and a few thousand dollars to the project.

We are going to have to alter the retaining wall on the side of the driveway to skirt the gas line. This is going to squeeze the width of the driveway somewhat. To determine what the absolute minimum the driveway width can be, we pulled up my bike next to the car and got to measuring ourselves.. all we need is to be able to have a car parked in the driveway with enough room left over to get a motorcycle into and out of the garage. Dan's bike is a little wider than mine, but we think if the narrowest part of the driveway is 10' (and the car is parked as far to one side as we can manage) we should be ok.

I've got piles of pictures of the footing forms and framing thus far, I'll get that up tomorrow.

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