Sunday, September 23, 2007

An Angry Four Inches....

Okay an update on the trying to get a dang foundation permit.

Its looking good and I'm starting to be hopeful. Got the redone plans in last week and the plan check engineer only had one real comment that the SE needs to address. He should have that done soon and I should be able to submit them for the last (hopefully) time on Monday.

I finally got a meeting with the zoning guy and the I hate it when people try to pass the buck and not take responsibility for their decisions. I mean right there in front of me these guys were trying to pass the buck back and forth to each other cause they didn't want to be responsible for telling me the bad news.

Well first neither of them did their jobs and I pointed that out first thing. The BI determined that the deck was ~20years old. Fine, that means that it has to conform to the building and zoning codes enforced then. Neither of the schmucks could tell me what code was enforced back then or what it was...they kept trying to make me meet current code!!! I wasn't having's the ridiculous compromise...

I have to cut the deck back from the prop line by 4"....yes 4" the house-deck is 2'-8" from the prop line and they determined it needs to be 3'...if I had just measured a bit differently it wouldn't of been a problem!! I have to take 4" out of the deck that means knocking out the 6by supports and repouring new foundations and rebuilding that side of the deck!!! Even though the house is at 2'-8" from the property line-eventhough the original property line on that side was 2' farther away originally eventhough the nearest house there is 30' away!

So looks like we should be able to start this foundation in the beginning of oct.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

that was worth waiting for... or not

After several weeks and many phone calls we finally received a copy of the inspector's report.

This is it:

Inspection at the above address revealed that the rear deck is about 20 years old and doesn't meet present building or planning codes.

1. Obtain a building permit with drawings to show present day codes for hand railings and planning issues with regards to property set back lines
So, the entire point of getting letters from the neighbors stating when they remembered the deck being built was to determine what building codes would apply. This report completely contradicts that point and puts us back at exactly square one.

Dan will be paying a visit to the planning and building departments to discuss.