Saturday, January 5, 2008

Blue Skies!

70 mph winds and flood warnings, but all we can see when we look out the window are bright island skies! Loud, flapping, plastic skies :)

This was exactly the weather I was scared of, but these guys are going out of their way to make it as painless as possible for us.. The house is sitting on a foundation, and it's all backfilled in, so the ground around the house is solid. Every opening is covered with a tarp, so the only place water is getting in now is through the gap between the sill plate and the first piece of siding.

<--They're getting out the last of the forms here, and getting ready to spread gravel inside.

All the foundation drainage is in place, and we have all the downspouts tied into it as well, but the sump pump wasn't supposed to go in until after the slab was poured. The rain is predicted to be pretty constant for a few days, so they managed to get the pit in place and the pump working before the storm hit. And boy is it working!

The slab still needs to poured under it, and the outlet still needs to be laid but this is a pretty good test of the system. The water is just shooting out a pvc pipe next to the front stairs for now..

.. which brings me to the very exciting detail..


They were only visible for a few minutes before everything got battened down, but look how nice!!! Jeff primed them before the rain, so they'll be ready for us to finish once this work is done. (We thought we were going to be building them ourselves at the end of the month, so I'm extra-excited that they're already there!)

And.. do you notice anything else about this picture? There's a newspaper on the stairs!! They've only been there for 5 minutes and there's already a newspaper on them!! (I may be exaggerating slightly, but I was used to the morning game of hide-and-seek at our old place to find the newspaper under the car, or sticking out of a slightly-worse-for-wear plant.. one more reason I LOVE ALAMEDA!)

Here's the underside of the stairs.. I can't wait to walk on them! They look very nice and sturdy, don't they?!

The sump pit is just to left of here.. So we still have a little room under the stairs that we can use for storage. We have much more living space here than our old house, but a net loss of storage. And we have to find somewhere to keep all those Halloween decorations!

Getting back inside..

<-- This is the view in the garage after the cribbing came out. It didn't stay like this for long. There was more dirt excavated to bring everything down to the correct, even level.

Then a pile of clean crushed gravel was poured for drainage.

A thin vapor barrier was put down on top of the gravel, then a layer of sand was spread on top of that.

And then, because we're going to put radiant heat in the slab, a layer of 2" foam insulation was put down.

(We'll post some details about the radiant heat.. we went back and forth on whether to do it, then decided we'd be silly to not take this opportunity to put it in since once the slab is poured it'll be much more work and money to put it in later.)

And then, on top of the insulation, the Bituthene goes down (it looks sort of like whitish asphalt in these pictures.. it's a thicker than I expected)

And then finally, the rebar goes on top! The spacers hold the rebar in place so they wind up in the center of the slab.

We'll be tying the tubing for the radiant heat onto the rebar.. so we'll be holding things up for about a week. Otherwise, they'd be ready to pour the slab now.

Here are some other odds and ends around..

This is the rough plumbing for our new bathroom.. Turns out venting wasn't part of the plumber's price quote, so that's costing more than we thought..

And no, that's not structural mustard.. it's chalk they used to mark the position of the rebar.

Here's that beefy beam I was telling you about in the main workshop area. This guy is holding up the whole front part of the house, so we only have that post in the space and not a whole wall! It's very exciting.

And there's plenty of room above the beam to run all our wires and plumbing and what-not, so we won't need to notch the joists for anything.

And here is the final framing in the garage! It looks just like a garage, doesn't it?!

Next up is the radiant heat.. and waiting out the storm

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