Sunday, January 20, 2008

Plan for 2008

We were inspired by our friends over at casa decrepit to sit down and write out our plans for the year. That, combined with a couple days off saw us hard at work at a borrowed office (at left). Here's a shot of us on the beach in Puerto Rico trying to relax. Dan hasn't yet put his blackberry down...


1 - Brick in the driveway - We saved all the bricks from the chimney, which I'm going to turn into a driveway.

2 - Doors - We need to install a garage door and 2 other outside doors downstairs, since we dug down so much the old ones have giant gaps at the bottom. Then there are 3 inside doors downstairs, but we have to build the wall one of them is in first!

3 - Plumbing - We need to replumb the supply lines for the house before we can close in the walls downstairs. We're using pex tubing, so it'll go MUCH faster than copper. In fact, the worst part is probably going to be drawing up the whole plan for the permits.

4 - Finish the heating system - We're putting in radiant heat on the 2nd floor too, so we're using staple-up there.. and we still need to figure out how to heat the third floor.

5 - Wiring - We need to wire the bottom and top floors for electricity, and run cat-5 all over the place for networking. We'll also run some conduit so we can add things later.

6 - Gas lines - There are gas lines all over the house for gaslights which are no longer there, and for heaters and stoves in random places. We need to remove all the extra pipe and run lines where we actually need them.

7 - Build out the bathroom downstairs - This involves a couple walls, a shower pan, tiling the floor and shower, and installing the toilet, sink, and shower fixtures.

8 - Finish the downstairs - This is everything else downstairs.. we need to put up drywall everywhere, which is why we have to run all the wiring and mechanicals first. Once the drywall is up, we want to build some high shelves for storage. And then we can get all our stuff out of storage, hurray! We'll need to repair all the windows too, and possibly replace some that we can't fix.

After all that's done, we'll get started on the kitchen.. it's probably a little optimistic to think that'll happen in 2008, but you never know.

Now, it's time to squeeze the last little bit of warmth out of the ocean (although the rain seems to have followed us here!) before we head back home tomorrow and get back to work. We need to figure out where the pex lines are leaking from so we can get that slab poured!

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