Thursday, February 14, 2008

the Cadillac of Garage Doors

<-- Here's what the house looks like today.

We've replaced the pile of dirt and rebar that we apparently can't live without.. but take a look at that gorgeous garage door!! It goes all the way to the ground and everything!

It's not entirely done.. we still need to put siding in place above the door, but that's what 3 day weekends were made for.

From the street you absolutely cannot tell it's a rollup door. I think the vertical stiles help obscure the horizontal breaks in the door.. you can't see them at all unless you're up real close. But by then the awesome hinges and sweet lionhead door knockers completely distract you!

We couldn't wait to pull the car in the driveway, so I'll have to wait till the weekend to get a straight on shot (and with any luck, that shot will have a nice brick driveway at the bottom.. I'm actually afraid to climb back to where the bricks are now, because the edges of our giant pit are still collapsing. We need to clear a path so I can get them out this weekend. I still need to clean all the mortar off before I can lay them)

And inside the garage we have our first permanently mounted light! It even has a motion sensor so when you come in the side door it goes on.

There's a little more room to pull the car over to give the bikes space to get by. But this morning I pulled my bike out of the garage and right past the car in the driveway!! It's just very exciting.

And quiet. You can barely hear the motor at all! And the tracks are solid and aligned perfectly, and.. not sure if you can see off on the left of this shot.. but the water line is perfectly placed with ~1/4" to spare.

Here's a closeup so you can fully appreciate that placement -->

Work on the patio is coming along, although it's (tell me if you're surprised here..) going to take a little longer than we thought. I'll take some pix and do a post on that next.


Kitt said...

Wow, that's one gorgeous door! Cargratulations!

Jen said...

I agree, great garage door!!!

Mom said...

I also agree. Great garage door -- & wonderful placement of the water pipe.

madathena said...

Love the garage door, especially the door knockers.