Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just powerwashing in the rain..

Power tools are fun!

Last weekend the unseasonably sunny days brought everyone out, so there was some chatting with the neighbors that cut into the brick cleaning progress.. but a crappy, rainy day and a loud power washer makes for speedy uninterrupted cleaning!

Most of the time was taken up getting bricks from the stack in the backyard up to the front and laid out in the street. (Who needs a gym?! I did a million squats today with weights!) There was some scraping of stubborn mortar, but the dirt pretty much came flying off. I cleaned one side, scraped the ones that needed it, flipped them, and cleaned the other side.

And apparently, I made quite a sight out in my rain slicker in the street. It actually stopped raining Sunday afternoon, which is just as well since I really need to clean my outfit before it rains again and have to wear it to work!

In 3 days last weekend I cleaned 143 bricks. This weekend, I cleaned 409.

I'd be a little more bitter about that wasted time, but it was nice to chat with all the neighbors, and I wouldn't've been able to lay the driveway yet anyway. Because there's still more concrete to pour in the back, there will be a concrete truck and crew traipsing through that would have been ill-advised on a partially completed driveway.

Here's the current state of the pool/patio/sunken living room.. the rain washed all the loose pigment off the surface, so you can begin to see the cool color and texture. The drainage is in place, and short lengths of rebar are sticking out of the retaining walls, ready to be tied to reinforcements for the slab.

Plan is for the slab to be poured this week..


mistressmousey said...

Power tools are fun!

Well, duh! I mean, I hardly ever play with them and even I knew that. ;)

I know it may seem like slow going when you see all the details of the project, day in and day out, and understand every tiny delay; but from where I'm sitting there's so much going on so fast and it's looking AWESOME!

So... when's the big BBQ party?

The MadScientist said...

The big BBQ party is hopefully going to be around the 4th of July. Maybe the 5th?