Monday, February 18, 2008

Turns out, 3 days aren't enough...

We had such grand plans for our 3-day weekend! We went and picked up the toilet for the downstairs bathroom, checked in on the doors we've been trying to order for more than a month, and bought a bunch of siding to patch the area over the garage door, which was Dan's task for the weekend. I had my stack of bricks to clean, which hopefully would be put down in the driveway. I don't want to give away the ending, but the toilet is still in the box, the doors still haven't been ordered, the siding is stacked in the garage, and there aren't anywhere near enough bricks for the driveway.

Dan started prying off the odd bits on the end where a whole run would go back in, and there were a few boards that were rotted. Well, as you might expect, that was just the beginning, and it now looks like this spring will involve replacing a whole lotta wood on the porch, starting with this post right here.

With another storm approaching it seemed like a bad idea to spend the last sunny day tearing everything apart, so Dan primed all the freshly exposed wood and patched the hole with a piece of plywood. (you can see the stack of pretty siding in the garage in this shot.. sigh..)
Then he primed the plywood too.

From the street it doesn't look half bad!

The house already looks way better than when we bought it, and by this summer should look pretty good from the outside.

And what was I doing all this time??

sitting around eating bon-bons??

If by that you mean scraping and scrubbing piles of bricks with no end in sight, then yes! bon-bons.

Looks like next weekend the brick cleaning continues..

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