Saturday, February 9, 2008

We finally got that swimming pool we've always wanted..

It's time to play What's Missing in this Picture!

I won't make you scroll down to see the answers, but there are bonus points if you can find the 2 extra things in the picture:

  • No porta-potty!
  • No concussion-inducing plywood on the porch!
  • No giant, flappy blue tarp!
  • No rain!!

Extra credit: There's a bobcat pulling out with a load of dirt from the back yard.

Extra, extra credit: Our motorcycles are IN the garage! (that's worth extra points because it's such a crappy picture)

On what's likely to be the last Saturday we're woken up by people working on the house (mostly because we'll be dragging our butts out of bed to do everything else ourselves..), we heard the happy hum of a bobcat scooping out the dirt in back.

As you can see here, the back door is quite a bit lower than the ground level, which doesn't really work out all that well for a door. Everyone was very concerned about digging it out now, because if the rain returns before we get the retaining walls in, we'll have a giant swimming pool with the sides sliding/caving in. But we want to get started on that next, and the last part of these guys' job for us was excavating the area.

And here it is all dug out and shored up. It is very swimming pool like.. especially if when you jumped up and down on the bottom of a pool, it undulated out like a bouncy house. It's pretty worrisome actually.. there are pools of water which are gradually growing, and the ground back by the tent has caved in to about a foot away from the tent. We need to get the retaining walls in soon.

And that's the task for the coming week.. Coming soon: our sunken outdoor living room!


Auntie Sue said...

Wow! It's almost done! (Relatively speaking). I'm so glad you're going to do the sunken outdoor living room. I'm sorry I didn't comment on it when you first posted the idea, but I think it's a GREAT idea! Will part of it be under the deck so it will be partially covered? Can you put some of your under-cement radiant heating in the cement seats out there? Wouldn't that be cool --- I mean warm --- on a cold winter's eve out there? Keep up the good work guys.
--Auntie Sue

irene said...

Heated benches would be awesome! there's going to be a fire pit (of course), and since it's all concrete the benches will be passively heating the area after a warm day.. but I don't think we can work it in to the actual hydraulic radiant. drat!

A relatively small area will be under the deck, which now looks *really* high. (we had to duck beneath it before!) And there are some trees in neighboring yards that shade the yard through a good part of the day, but we may need to do something during the summer to add more shade. We'll just have to sit out there a lot this summer and test it out during different parts of the day. We could use your help for that research :D

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, did you consider rebuilding the front porch/steps out of wood rather than have concrete poured?

irene said...

I don't think we had any choice as to what material the stairs were rebuilt from. The inspector was VERY clear that they'd have to be rebuilt "in kind." And he went to great lengths to emphasize that meant the wood part had to be wood (no brick, no tile, etc) and the concrete part had to be concrete. Most of it is wood, but the bottom steps in contact with the ground were, and I believe have to be, concrete. Everyone even referred them as CBSs (concrete bottom steps)
The rest of the steps are primed in white though, so maybe the whole flight looks like concrete?