Wednesday, March 5, 2008

midweek brick update

I managed to get home with a little bit of daylight left, and was determined to finish the driveway. Wouldn't you know it, I RAN OUT OF BRICKS!!! A whole chimney and a foundation, and I didn't have enough bricks for a measly little driveway!!?

I filled the sand in on what was there though, and it's amazing how finished it looks!

You basically just sweep sand over it to fill in the gaps, and it acts as mortar and holds everything in place. Plus, it instantly looks like it's been here 100 years!

So close, and yet so far away..

One of the neighbors said she has a pile of bricks in her backyard that I could have if I dug them out.. so it looks like this Saturday is another powerwashing day..

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Oh, lucky your neighbor has some old bricks! Look on Craigslist if they turn out to not be usable.