Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our first house-iversary!

That's right.. a whole year has passed since we bought Chez Neumansky! After closing up the very last gaping hole in the side of the house, I thought I'd spend some time outside on this gorgeous spring day and take stock of where we are.

From here, I can actually see a lot of our progress:

  • There's not a giant pile of trash or weeds filling the yard, the porch or the house.
  • The crumbling pile of bricks has been replaced by a modern, strong foundation.
  • The other, taller crumbling pile of bricks has reconfigured itself into a driveway (which I can sorta make out through through the open fabulously gorgeous garage door)
  • The back porch, which we had to duck under to get to the back door, is now 9' up, and the back door is in a brand new earthquake-resistant shear wall.
  • The ground floor, which had about 4 different levels - some of which were concrete, some dirt, some linoleum - none of which would conform to modern height requirements, is now a nice, flat, 9' tall rough space.
  • I can see the cleanout for the drainage, which runs all the way around the perimeter and under the slab to a sump pump, which has been doing a great job of keeping everything dry through this very rainy season.
  • The beginnings of our first floor are framed in: a bedroom, bathroom and hallway, and then our garage/workshop.
  • And finally, our awesome patio, which I'm sitting on writing this!
Now for the stuff you can't see from here:
  • The house is fit for human habitation. I won't go into too many details.. let's just say it's clean enough to shower, eat and breathe in, and if you missed the time when it wasn't, take a look here.
  • As I mentioned at the beginning, there are no more gaping holes in the side of the house - no more "walls" of tarp, no more 2' gaps at the bottom of the doors because we lowered the ground level.. Our doors should be here in another week or two, but until then, Dan made us some ghetto-fabulous plywood doors (you can see one in the pic above), which make a remarkable difference in how nice the house looks.. plus, we can actually leave a pair of pliers in the garage without worrying that there are 6 different holes in the house big enough for a person to get in.
  • The radiant heat for the first floor living area is embedded in the slab, and Dan's inside now finishing up the floorplans for the top 2 floors so the radiant plans for the rest of the house can be generated.
  • The main sewer line from the house to the street has been redone, which is a city requirement when a house is sold - we have another 25 years (once the plumber gets the papers into the city, that is) before we have to have it inspected again.
  • We have 200 sparkly amps of modern electrical service coming into the house, with a subpanel on each floor.
  • We have new front stairs that are not in danger of disintegrating under a person walking up them.
Looking at the plans for 2008, we're making pretty good progress. We still have 3 1/2 months before the anniversary of actually living here.. by that time we hope to have a functional bathroom downstairs, which means all the plumbing, wiring, and heat for the whole house has to be in place so we can close in some walls (as willing as our friends are to dive into anything for us, they still seem to be a little finicky about wanting walls around the bathroom.. go figure).

And here we are.. one year down, 65 to go!!


Auntie Sue said...

Well, HAPPY ANNIVERSERY to your house! It certainly has grown a lot this year; looks so much stronger and sturdier! And such nice flat feet! (Okay, this isn't working. Was supposed to be an analogy to a growing newborn but it sounded much better the first time I wrote it, before accidentally erasing it all :( ) Anyway, mazel tov on your amazing accomplishments this first year, and may you truly have at LEAST 65 years of happiness there!

Kitt said...


You've come so far, and it's been great traveling along with you vicariously.

Here's to year ahead full of more home-improvement milestones.

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