Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Patio is Done!!!

Well Sorta Anyways...still needs one more cleaning and then they are going to seal it. Then we need to hook up the gas lines to the fire pit and BBQ and re-route the wires for the lights, and , and,...

Here the guys from Icon are making the final preparations to pour the patio. They've got the drain rock in and the under slab drainage and the plastic vapor barrier and then the re-bar. All this drainage is tied into our sump pit for the foundation. We hope that the sump pump can handle the extra flow.

Here's the obligatory shot of them pumping the concrete. They used the same make-it-as-you-need-it truck as last time. This time the truck driver seemed to pay more attention to the mix and it came out much more consistent in its composition.
We had to go run some errands so we didn't get any shots of them stamping in the pattern and coloring the concrete....

But here's a shot of it all done!!!! Yahoo! doesn't it look so great! Look, no expansion joints in the patio. They did the pattern deeper and we are hoping its enough to stop any major cracking.

Here's the other side. The retaining wall/benches are a blue gray and the patio floor is a sage green.
The lights are on in this shot but its still too light out to see them.

Here's the all over shot. I had to crawl way up high at the corner of the yard to get it all in.
How does it look? We are super excited about it. Can't wait to have a fire in the fire pit.
Looks like a pool with a swim up bar doesn't it?

Here's a close up of the texture of the patio floor.
Looks good doesn't it?
Kinda a sage green right?

Here's a closer-up shot of the benches. Nice blue-grey color and a nice texture.
This shot was taken at dusk so the lights are starting to have some effect.

A closer up shot of the stairs at dusk. We think we goofed a bit on the light here in the stairs. It does not light up enough of the stairs. We will have to figure out a way to light them better that does not light up too much of the patio.

This was about as dark as we could get it and still have the fricken camera focus well. The lights are on and starting to look pretty good don't ya think?

Here's a dusky overhead shot of our sunken patio. Not really in focus but it gives you an idea of how much the patio is lit.
It's exactly what we wanted. Just soft low level light for night time parties.

That's it for now. Irene has been working all weekend on the bricks in the driveway. Hopefully our next post will be all about the driveway and how great it looks!


Kitt said...

Wow. Just wow.

Jennifer said...

WooHoo! It looks great! You will ahve so much fun out there this summer.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! It looks super! Can't wait to see it in person.

PerfessorEvil said...

Looks awesome!

amy said...

That came out beautifully.

Auntie Sue said...

It really does look great! Does the drainage you put in mean that you CAN'T use it as a shallow pool if you wanted to? I mean, can you cover the drains, fill it with water for a few days, put in an air bubbler of some sort, and have a giant Jacuzzi (seating and float-up bar included)?

irene said...

We totally thought it looked like a swim-up bar, I'm glad you saw it too!! The downstairs will be mostly tiled, so maybe we could flood it.. or, we can just give you a drink with an umbrella in it and squirt you with the hose! :D

Si said...

I don't know whether you pick up comments from a post this old, but we seem to have the same problem you had. Sloping plot = sunken patio behind the house, but due the groundwater levels it's actually a pond! Did you "tank" your patio to exclude groundwater and then only have to drain the patio? I presume you also had some dainage behind teh retaining wall. Cheers Si, UK

The MadScientist said...

Hey there Si,
Because I have moderation turned on I see every comment. But for posts this old its probably best to email me directly, the link is on my profile page.

Not sure what you mean by 'tanking' the patio.
If you look at the top pic you can see some of the water mitagation strategies. We have underslab drainage lines under the patio, we have footing drains around the outside perimeter of the patio and then we have a single surface drain in the center of the patio. All of these lines are tied into the subslab darinage system of the house and they all drain to a sump pit which is then pumped to the street.