Wednesday, March 19, 2008

we've got the Power!

200 Amps of it!!

With 3 floors of living space, plus a workshop with a plasma cutter and welder, our rickety 100 amp service was not gonna cut it.. Plus, only the middle floor had anything resembling modern wiring, or working outlets for that matter.

We knew we needed to bring more power to the house, and since there was an existing subpanel on the middle floor already, it worked out very nicely to have a separate subpanel for each floor.

<-- Here's the subpanel in the garage/workshop.

Not sure if you can tell, but all the circuits are labeled correctly!! Ok, so there's only the one for the sump pump so far.. but it's very exciting that there's not a long list of wrong mappings to sort through, and since we'll write down each circuit as we run it, it'll always be right. For the rest of our lives!!! (if you don't think that's exciting, my explaining wouldn't help

<-- Here's the new main panel, with a shiny new meter too!

Now, if only that would stop spinning so fast we'd be in good shape. It's starting to warm up a little, and haven't had jackhammers running all month, so this was the first month our electric bill inched down a little.. but it's still waay higher than it should be. By next winter we'll have the radiant heat up and running, so all our space heaters can be retired and donated away. In the meantime, I stand by the decision that the our crazy electric bill is well worth tradeoff for not being able to see my breath in the bathroom in the morning.

Here's Dan framing in the roughout for the subpanel on the top floor -->

<-- And here's the subpanel for our master bedroom suite, aka the top floor.

It's kinda nice that when our bedroom and office are done, if we blow a circuit while say, both blow drying our hair and microwaving hot pockets in the bathroom, we won't have to go down one or two flights of stairs to reset it!

We tried to get a permit to start running the wiring and installing outlets and lights downstairs, but no luck. We need to work on the plans and try again.. maybe next week..

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